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A bad electrician will cost you double for the same work. Or worse, more than double when the work needs redoing. 

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Electrical services

What we can help with

When it comes to electrical projects, you need a qualified electrician to do the work. If your electrician isn’t qualified, they’re not insured. And not insured means you’re not protected.

At GHE Electricians in Wigan, we demand that our electricians are 100% qualified, CHAS approved and NICEIC approved.

security system installation wigan
Security Systems
Protect what matters most with our state-of-the-art security system installation. We offer tailored security solutions to safeguard your premises round the clock.
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cctv installation wigan
CCTV Installation
Enhance your property’s security with our professional CCTV installation service. We provide cutting-edge surveillance solutions to keep your home or business safe.
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house rewiring wigan
House Rewiring
Modernise your home’s electrical infrastructure with our house rewiring expertise. We’ll help you upgrade your property to meet contemporary standards.
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fire safety wigan
Fire Safety
Ensure the safety of your property and its occupants with our expert fire safety and emergency lighting services. We’re here to provide peace of mind in emergencies.
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smart home installations wigan
Smart Installation
Embrace the future of home automation with our smart home installation services. Experience convenience, energy savings, and security with modern technology.
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plumbers in wigan
From leaks and repairs to installations, our skilled plumbers are here to meet all your plumbing needs. Trust us for reliable and efficient plumbing solutions.
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Electricians you can trust

Local electricians

You need rapid response electricians in Wigan. If your power goes out and you’ve got young kids to feed, you need someone who can be round. Fast.

Electricians non-local to Wigan take longer to get to you. GHE Electricians in Wigan get to you much faster.

Electricians in Wigan with great standards.

We get it, you only want to speak to the electricians in Wigan that work to a high standard. Shoddy electrical work is dangerous and puts your family at risk.

It’s easy to sleep at night with electrical work that ticks all the boxes. Our electricians in Wigan insist on excellent standards.

Electricians in Wigan with great prices.

But you need a reasonable cost too. We’re an electrical contractor firm in Wigan, we know that you have families to feed and local Wigan businesses to run.

And GHE are electrical contractors in Wigan that do a great job, on time, at a great price, guaranteed.


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An electrician in Wigan you can trust.

You need an electrician with a reputation of electrical work completed to an exceptional standard.

In fact, photographic evidence of work completed for credible clients speaks for itself. Take a look at our electrical work.

An electrician in Wigan that knows what they’re doing.

An electrician in Wigan that you can depend on.

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Helping you stay safe

Electrical safety certificates carried out by electricians in Wigan.

Our certified electricians in Wigan can provide you an electrical safety certificate for your property. It attests that the circuitry in your property is working and safe. 

An electrical safety certificate is also known as an ‘electrical installation condition report’ or EICR for short. You can only get them from fully qualified electrical contractors.

A proper electrical safety check will: 

  • Detect critical safety risks before they cause a disaster
  • Uncover poor electrical work before it becomes a problem 
  • Show if your property’s circuitry is overloaded
  • Ensure earthing and bonding measures are good enough
  • Measure the extent of damage and wear and tear

An electrical safety certificate is valid for 5 years or until there’s a change in tenancy – whichever comes first.

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Renting out a property in Wigan? An electrical safety certificate is now a legal requirement. If you can’t attest whether your home is safe, you could be putting lives at risk. 

And the legal penalties reflect that in kind.

Portable Appliance Testing carried out by electricians in Wigan.

With PAT or portable appliance testing, our certified electricians inspect you electrical appliances and certify their safety.

Our electricians in Wigan will then issue your appliance a pass or fail.

PAT testing is necessary to ensure the safety of both individuals and properties. It helps identify faulty or unsafe electrical appliances, reducing the risk of electrical accidents and fires.
PAT testing should be performed by competent individuals or companies with the necessary expertise and equipment. It’s often conducted by electricians or specialised PAT testing professionals. Our electricians can help!
A typical PAT test includes visual inspections, earth continuity tests, insulation resistance tests, and functional checks to assess the safety of appliances.
If an appliance fails the PAT test, it should be taken out of service, and necessary repairs or replacements should be made. It should not be used until it passes retesting.
While businesses and commercial properties are the primary focus of PAT testing, it can also be beneficial for landlords, homeowners, and anyone concerned about the safety of electrical appliances.

Electrical maintenance carried out by electrical contractors in Wigan.

An electrical contractor providing electrical maintenance:

  • Tests the electrical circuitry in a property
  • PAT tests electrical appliances that need it
  • Monitors electrical risks and faults
  • Fixes problems essential to the property’s safety
  • Outright replaces faulty parts of your property’s electricals
Certified electricians eliminate the risk of poor or faulty electrical work, to yourself, your tenants and your business through maintenance. Poor or faulty electrical work is a health hazard. If you own property or a business, you are responsible for the safety of your tenants and employees. Hiring certified electricians to maintain your electrical systems eliminates that risk.
Signs include flickering lights, overheating outlets, circuit breakers tripping frequently, electrical shocks, and unusual odours, which indicate potential issues requiring attention.
Neglecting electrical maintenance can lead to electrical hazards, increased energy consumption, costly repairs, and potential downtime. It may also result in non-compliance with safety regulations.
The duration of electrical maintenance depends on the complexity of the system and the scope of work. Routine maintenance can be relatively quick, while comprehensive inspections may take longer.
No, electrical maintenance is essential for residential properties too. Regular inspections and maintenance can prevent electrical issues and ensure the safety of occupants.

7 common signs you need electrical maintenance

Any of the below? Time to get the electricians in.

  • Your fuses blow on a regular basis
  • Your lighting flickers or seems dim
  • You hear buzzing noises from your sockets or appliances
  • Insecure or loose power outlets
  • An acrid smell of burning plastic, or a ‘fishy’ smell
  • Any sparks or electrical arcing inside your home
  • A shock when you unplug appliances
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