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CCTV Wigan

Improve the security of your property

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If you’re looking for top of the range HD CCTV cameras with full colour viewing (even at night) you’re in the right place.

GHE are Wigan’s experts in installing security systems, improving the security of over 100 properties in the area and ensuring homeowners, tenants and business owners can see what’s going on at all times, night or day.

When it comes to home security, GHE systems are an absolute essential. There’s no point in buying a standard camera that barely allows you to see your intruder’s face. You want to go all out.

Count on GHE to supply, fit and maintain your security cameras and you’ll never have to worry again. Get GHE CCTV Wigan today.

Why Choose GHE CCTV Installation?

Since establishing in 2006, GHE Wigan have become expert electricians in Wigan and specialise in the installation of CCTV cameras. With hundreds of happy customers and many testimonials under their belt, they continue working hard to help with any home security or commercial property enquiry.

Their main goal is to provide security systems all throughout Wigan and the Greater Manchester region, helping people feel safe in their homes and allowing them to leave their property without having to worry about any intruders.

Their high definition CCTV Wigan, cameras allow customers to see more details than a standard security camera which not only puts customers minds at ease, it can also help massively with any police enquiries if your property was to be entered without your permission.

cctv installation wigan
cctv installation wigan

CCTV Systems In Wigan You Can Rely on

Something that’s heard a lot in this industry is:

“I’m not sure if I need CCTV cameras installing on my property…I’ve never had a break in before!” 

As good as this is, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re never going to get broken into. You should always take preventative measures to protect your home, assets and vehicles if possible. 

Installing one of our HD systems ensures that you can see essential details; your intruder’s face (if they’re not wearing a mask), which direction they came from and the clothing they’re wearing amongst other important details that could help you if your property was to be entered or damaged. 

Coupled with one of our alarms in Wigan, your home will be the most secure in the area. And gone are the days of poor quality ‘Crimewatch’ footage. This is new, this is HD and this is crystal clear quality playback.

For the best in property security, trust GHE Electrical


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CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system that can be monitored for surveillance and security purposes.

It relies on cameras being strategically placed in order to improve property security and to allow people to view the cameras at any time.

Our installation services are affordable, as we try to fit our products around your budget. We’re happy to consult you on the best security system for your budget. Our prices include installation.

GHE CCTV Wigan cameras are HD, crystal clear quality that picks up an incredible amount of detail, even at night. You will not find a better quality system.

We’re based in Aspull. But we cover all of Wigan and throughout Greater Manchester. If you’re further afield, please get in touch and we’ll see if we have any engineers heading out near your area any time soon and book you in.

Absolutely! Criminals usually search the exteriors of homes before breaking and entering. Seeing CCTV cameras will usually stop them in their tracks.

Having strategically placed cameras set up can definitely help to solve crime and help the police with any inquiries in your area. Even if the crime isn’t targeted towards your own property, chances are it’ll also pick up any other suspicious activity in the area and can help to put a time stamp on a sighted persons whereabouts. This can also help with missing people!

The most obvious place for cameras to be installed is above any entrances or large windows. This will ensure that if anybody tries to enter without permission, the cameras will be able to get a good look at their faces. Our CCTV Wigan experts will advice on the best place for you.

All footage is stored on a HDD. We recommend 500gb HDD per camera to make sure there’s always enough room for important footage that you may need to take a look at. GHE CCTV Wigan provides HD security systems with ample storage space.

To check if your camera is working, simply head on over to the app we help set up for you. If you’re receiving playback and can see the outside of your property; the camera is working. If you just see a black screen or if nothing is coming up, please get in touch and we’ll help you fix it.

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