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At the age of 21, I no longer wanted to work for a company for I had my own ambitions and always wanted to work for myself in the electrical fire and security sector so I set up business on my own firstly subcontracting then setting up a limited company and employing a number of staff.

Since forming employees have worked tirelessly to establish an impressive reputation for expertise, quality service & life-long working relationships.

Dedication & commitment has meant that GHE has been able to expand into further areas to keep up with today’s customer requirements all under one roof.

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We provide a range of different services in Wigan and surrounding areas, including:

GHE Electrical, Fire & Security

About Us

GHE ELECTRICAL FIRE & SECURITY Ltd was established in 2006 to give property owners and managers, landlords and businesses peace of mind through robust security systems. Our experience in the security industry actually dates back some many years.

We’re based in Wigan and cover the North West

A comprehensive service is guaranteed from start to finish, from the initial design of your security system to meet your specific needs to installation and maintenance.

Responsive & Reliable: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as long as you are under service contract with GHE Responsive and reliable, our maintenance services are geared up to ensure you’re never without your system for longer than is necessary.

With GHE Systems, there are no long contract tie-ins for servicing; our longest contract is just 12 months. And there’s all year round telephone support included in that. We’re committed to getting your system back up and running straight away in the event of any outage and 9 times out of 10 we’ll do that there and then on the spot.

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