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GHE supply and fit burglar alarms in Wigan and surrounding areas


“Had an alarm system fitted everything was done to the highest standard very polite and helpful they cleaned up after it not a bit of mess left.”

David Williamson

Need a burglar alarm in Wigan or Greater Manchester? GHE Alarms Wigan are here to help.

Harden your property’s security in Wigan. You can count on GHE Burglar Alarms in Wigan to supply, install and maintain your home alarms and door access control systems. And with the fastest possible turnaround time – from enquiry to completion.

You get the best hardware available when you choose GHE Burglar Alarms in Wigan. Our alarms ensure your property is safe and secure.

Rated one of the 3 best electricians in Wigan.

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Had an alarm system fitted everything was done to the highest standard very polite and helpful they cleaned up after it not a bit of mess left.

David Williamson

Graham and his team did an amazing job installing my alarm. Professional, good value and friendly.

Caroline Welsby

I had GHE in the house I have just moved into, they swapped out my old consumer unit and tidyd the whole lot up. They have installed my CCTV and alarm system. Made up with the quality install and ease of use.

Lee Hunter

3 Reasons to install a Burglar Alarm System

Prevent Intruders and Burglars

Deter burglars with a visible GHE burglar alarm. Burglars think twice about breaking into a property with a prominent burglar alarm. And those foolish enough to try, alert you of their information

Better Home Insurance Premiums

Get access to better home insurance deals with GHE Burglar Alarms in Wigan. Some home insurance providers won't insure your home without a functional home alarm. Those that will insure you may even offer you better premiums.

Helps Police Bring Criminals to Justice

Your burglar alarm will alert police of criminal activity much faster. And faster response times means a higher chance of catching the burglar. A higher chance of bringing you justice.

To get the above benefits, you need a bespoke alarm system that meets your needs. Our alarm specialists will fulfill your individual needs from the initial consultation to fitting the alarms. 

Improve your property’s security now with a burglar alarm in Wigan. Get a free quote on how GHE Burglar Alarms in Wigan can secure your property today.

House Alarm installation Wigan

Types of burglar alarm systems.

What kind of alarm system should you get to protect your home?

One of our GHE Burglar Alarms in Wigan

How our experts install burglar alarms in Wigan

A qualified burglar alarm installation expert installs house alarms in 3 steps by:


Can you install a Burglar alarm system in an apartment?

For rented apartments, as with most things, you must call your landlord and get permission. With your landlord’s permission, we will install your burglar alarms.

For owned apartments, you could still need permission from the owner of the building (or whoever is managing it). Before installing a burglar alarm, you should discuss it with the owner/manager of your apartment building first.

Can you install a burglar alarm yourself?

You cannot fit a monitored alarm yourself. A security system company must set up your monitored alarm. Our experts can install a monitored house alarm in your property from GHE. Get a free quote.

Insurance providers may not accept DIY alarms. Home insurance providers will only consider a burglar alarm fitted by a certified security system expert. But don’t worry, our experts are SSAIB certified.

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