Burglar Alarms in Wigan

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Alarm installation Wigan

Looking for burglar alarms in Wigan?

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Harden your property’s security in Wigan. You can count on GHE Burglar Alarms in Wigan to supply, install and maintain your home alarms and door access control systems. And with the fastest possible turnaround time – from enquiry to completion. 

You get the best hardware available when you choose GHE Burglar Alarms in Wigan. Our alarms ensure your property is safe and secure.

Rated one of the 3 best electricians in Wigan.

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Why install a burglar alarm?

3 Reasons to install a Burglar Alarm System

Prevent Intruders and Burglars

Deter burglars with a visible GHE burglar alarm. Burglars think twice about breaking into a property with a prominent burglar alarm. 

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Better Home Insurance Premiums

Get access to better home insurance deals with GHE Burglar Alarms in Wigan. Some home insurance providers won’t insure your home without a functional home alarm.

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Helps Police Bring Criminals to Justice

Your burglar alarm will alert police of criminal activity much faster. And faster response times means a higher chance of catching the burglar. 

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Happy Burglar Alarm Clients

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You need a bespoke alarm system that meets your needs. Our alarm specialists will fulfill your individual needs from the initial consultation to fitting the alarms. 

Improve your property’s security now with a burglar alarm in Wigan. Get a free quote on how GHE Burglar Alarms in Wigan can secure your property today.

House Alarm installation Wigan

Types of burglar alarm systems.

What kind of alarm system should you get to protect your home?

Bells-only – these house alarms make a noise when the system detects an intruder. These are cheaper. We recommend these systems in lower-risk properties, e.g. in areas with a lower crime rate.

Monitored – these burglar alarms connect to a security company. When your burglar alarm detects an intruder, it alerts the company. The security company calls your home and ensures everything is in order.

Dummy – these house alarms are non-functional. They are the cheapest alarm. But beware. Experienced criminals can tell if your alarm is fake.

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burglar alarm installation in wigan

How Our Experts Install Burglar Alarms In Wigan

Installing your house alarm panel.
We fit the burglar alarm panel in the best place for you. You should install this near your front door. Or as close as possible.

Placing motion sensors.
Our expert house alarm installers will help you position the burglar alarm’s motion sensors. Working together, we install your sensors for the broadest possible coverage. And using the fewest burglar alarm sensors we can.

As with any new system, you should test your burglar alarms. We will help you run a test. And you must check your alarm often – but don’t worry. Our experts will show you how and advise a testing schedule.

Burglar Alarm FAQS

For rented apartments, as with most things, you must call your landlord and get permission. With your landlord’s permission, we will install your burglar alarms.

For owned apartments, you could still need permission from the owner of the building (or whoever is managing it). Before installing a burglar alarm, you should discuss it with the owner/manager of your apartment building first.

You cannot fit a monitored alarm yourself. A security system company must set up your monitored alarm. Our experts can install a monitored house alarm in your property from GHE. Get a free quote.

Insurance providers may not accept DIY alarms. Home insurance providers will only consider a burglar alarm fitted by a certified security system expert. But don’t worry, our experts are SSAIB certified.

Installing a burglar alarm in your Wigan home provides several advantages, including enhanced security, peace of mind, and potential reductions in your home insurance premiums. It can deter potential intruders and alert you and the authorities to any unauthorised entry.

Yes, many burglar alarm systems can be integrated with other security features, such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and smart home automation. This provides comprehensive protection for your home.

Yes, our modern burglar alarm systems can be monitored remotely through a smartphone app or a web portal. This allows you to stay connected and in control of your home’s security from anywhere.

Our team provides ongoing support and maintenance for your alarm system. If you encounter any technical issues, you can contact us, and we’ll promptly address and resolve them.

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